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If you have ever heard strange noises coming from your radiators or boiler or noticed cold spots towards the bottom of your radiators. Or you may have a sense that your radiators are taking longer and longer to reach temperature, it’s time to power flush them.

What is the source of the sludge?
Sludge, rust, and other debris can accumulate and build up over time in a central heating system. This restricts the amount of water that can circulate throughout the system. Ultimately, this build-up affects the efficiency of your central heating system and over time this build-up may result in additional problems and repair costs.

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How do you get the sludge out of your radiators?

We recommend a chemical power flush if you’ve tried bleeding your radiators but haven’t had any luck. When we power flush your central heating system, we will inject water, along with other cleansing and immobilising agents, at a high velocity throughout the piping, radiators and boiler in an attempt to remove all of the built-up material. Power flushing is incredibly effective, and the results can be noticed right away.

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Do you have a problem with your central heating?

All of the above mentioned issues could be resolved with a Power Flush. Are you considering a power flush to increase the efficiency of your central heating system? Our Tom Irving Heating & plumbing gas engineers are ready to help. Call us at 01539 482 215 or 07880 862 351 or fill out the form below.

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Why Power Flush?

Cheaper than buying a new system

Power flushing is a service that is only needed every 5 to 10 years on average. When you compare the cost of a power flush to the price of a new system, it's clear who comes out on top!

Save money on your energy bills

You may save money on your energy bills by power flushing your central heating system. As sludge, rust, and debris accumulate in the central heating system, radiators will take longer to heat up and struggle to achieve the desired temperature. Reduce your energy bills by enhancing the performance of your central heating system with a power flush.

Extend the life of your central heating

A power flush can extend the life of your central heating system, reduce boiler noises and extend the pump and other boiler components life. This cleaning procedure can also help to prevent radiator damage.

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